VISTA-128FB  Commercial Fire and Burglary Platform 


Designed to integrate seamlessly with CCTV, access control and Honeywell's full range of fire and burglary components, the VISTA-128FB provides the ultimate protection of life and property. The UL listed Commercial Fire and Burglary Control Platform controls up to eight partitions and supports up to 128 zones/points using hardwired, wireless and addressable V-Plex® technologies.

A diverse line of Honeywell initiating devices, notification circuits, digital dialers, keypads, RF receivers and relays support this extremely powerful control platform. The VISTA-128FB has been designed to mount quickly and easily to an attack resistant cabinet and is available in 12V and 24V models.


  • Supports addressable V-PLEX access control points using VISTAKEY (1 to 8 doors)

  • Supports up to 15 doors of access control using VISTA Gateway Module (VGM)

  • Supports CCTV applications with the new VistaView-100 CCTV switcher module

  • Identifies the point or zone of a fire or alarm, using the new FSA-8/FSA-24 Fire system annunciator

  • Store up to 512 events and can accommodate 150 user codes

  • New E2 software simplifies programming

  • Easily programmed and maintained with newly upgraded Compass Downloader software

  • Eight hardwired zones standard, expandable to 120 V_PLEX addressable points/zones or 128 wireless points/zones

  • Can control eight separate areas independently (8 partitions)

  • Two on-board notification (bell) circuits delivering 2.3 amp @ 12V or 3.4 amp @ 24V

  • Automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testin